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The Finance Group meets monthly at The Plough and Harrow pub in Southdown. The Group will meet for 1-2 hrs post the Discussion Group and associated pub meal at approximately 1:30 pm in the usual meeting room. All are encouraged to participate in the Discussion Group and the social lunch that follows; however, it is not required you attend either. Members may just show up for the Finance Group session only.

As part of the re-launch of the Group, we wish to focus on topics of greatest interest on matters of relevance to our members' personal financial affairs. All members of Probus Secundus are welcome whatever their knowledge of finance, economics, and investments.


Recent specific topics have included IHT Planning and wills, Great Britain in Decline, Spring, and Autumn Statements, Rules for Building a Share Portfolio, Energy Costs and What the Future Holds, Issues Facing UK Share Values, and Fixed Index Annuities. 

In addition, regular discussion takes place on all forms of global and national economics and their impact on investments, the general economy, financial markets, savings, and property.


The Group is co-chaired by Past Chairman Charles Yuill (at 01582 461 474 or via email - click here), Fred Pointon is co-chairman and Finance Group Administrator (at 01582 762682 or via email - click here).

There are normally between ten and fifteen attendees with a wide variety of career histories at each meeting.

The dates for the next year and the provisional topics, which will be announced in the monthly newsletter, are as below.   

*All dates and topics are subject to change and will be communicated should there be changes.



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