Activities during lockdown.

Details and status of current activities are published in the following table, which will be modified if the level of lockdown is varied and the format of activities changes.

Monthly lunches
Events and trips
Golf group
5 Events planned for 2010 - if allowedTony Wills
Walking group
Suspended for March. Next 20 April, subject to regulationsJohn Berry
Discussion GroupRunning on Zoom. Next 8 April on Russia under the heel of Putin Chris Bunton
Finance GroupRunning on Zoom. Next 14 April on Global Investment Returns, led by Mark ShepperdPaul Wakeling*
Coffee MorningsSuspendedMehmet Yilmaz
Running on Zoom. Next 26 MarchRichard Young
Bridge group
Running on Zoom. Next 24th March and 7th AprilTim Dale
Book group
Running on Zoom. Next 29 March
John Minchin
Quiz teamQuizzing for everyone on Zoom. Next 31 MarchPaul Wakeling

* Charles Yuill will lead, but Paul will set up the call.


Founded in 1981, Probus Secundus is an active, progressive and caring club for lively retired (or about to retire) businessmen and professionals. Our monthly Lunch Meetings, usually held on the third Thursday of the month at the Harpenden Golf Club, give members a chance to meet and chat over a drink, enjoy excellent food and listen to a variety of speakers.

A Visit to Rothamsted

A Walk along the River Ver

The thriving Walking Gr