Discussion Group

Informal group meetings are arranged with our own members leading a discussion, normally following a short presentation. The aim is to share our pet interests with other members of like mind or to discuss current affairs.

The venue for all meetings is the Skew Bridge Inn, Harpenden. Members will meet for coffee at 11am; the discussion commencing at 11.15 and will be followed by lunch at around 12 noon. Members’ lunch will be at their own cost.

Topics will be decided close to the meeting and announced on the monthly newsletter.

Thursday 8th AprilRussia under the heel of PutinTony Wills
Thursday 13th MayThe News Today
Tuesday 22nd June"wokeism" - offence vs free speech
Peter Webster
Wednesday 14th July
Friday 13th August
Monday 13th September
Thursday 14th October
Tuesday 9th NovemberNorthern Ireland - a border with Eire or GB?John Kilborn
Wednesday 8th December
Tuesday 11th Januaryt
Friday 11th February
Thursday 10th March
Monday 11th April
Wednesday 11th May
Tuesday 7th June
Thursday 14th July
Wednesday 10th August

Topics in italics in the above list are suggestions rather than agreed subjects.

Members wishing to attend and particularly lead a discussion should contact Chris at cbunton@westcape.co.uk or on 01582 769543.

Chris would welcome comments and especially volunteers to lead future discussions.